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Your subscription year will start immediately with the current issue. You will get an instant access password with your receipt, allowing you to log in, and download the current issue. We do not use instant renewals. You will be sent a renewal notice one month prior to the expiration of your subscription.

$30 Subscription Details
: You'll get 12 PDF issues (one per month) plus database access and back issues. Your fee includes access to all reviews dating back to 1985. The database makes it easy to search by curriculum area (we use an educational tagging system), platform, rating and grade. So you can zoom in on just the products you're looking for. What the Top 100 iPad products for reading? You're just a few clicks away.

$120 and $144 Print Subscription Details: You'll get 12 PDF issues, database accessand back issues, plus printed versions, a binder and an annual index. Sorry, this issue is not available internationally. This is ideal for professionals or libraries. The customized three-ring binder contains the index. Issues are printed on quality recycled paper stock that is pre-drilled for the binder. Your index is included with your December issue each year. Your password is printed on the binder spine for easy access.

Site Licenses are also available. Designed for universities, colleges, libraries and publishers who want a password free portal. Your URL Key will be sent to you on an individual basis. Please call for information.

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